Refer – A – Friend

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Here at Zombie Toast we have a system in place to reward anybody bringing in new players to our server via a Refer-A-Friend template. If you find someone new to come to the server, be it a friend from your friendlist or a random person in a discord somewhere, you can be rewarded for your efforts at growing our community with us with various packages depending how many friends you have referred.


The rest of the rewards are as follows:

1 friend – Box of Nails + x2 Pistols
2 friends – 2 Boxes of Nails + x2 Submachine Guns
3 friends – 3 Boxes of Nails + x2 Assault Rifles
4 friends – 4 Boxes of Nails + Hammer + Shovel/Pickaxe + Rope
5 friends – Velociraptor 6 friends – Solo Locker Kit + Barrel of your choice + Clothing Unit
7 friends – 6 Boxes of Nails + Sniper Rifle
8 friends – 7 Boxes of Nails + Various Tools + Rations
9 friends – 5 Boxes of Nails + Various Tools + Various Rations + x2 Weapons
10 friends – Choice of Helicopter or Car


Once 10 friends has been reached we will increase the milestones for greater rewards
You will receive all rewards for all players you bring to the server, it is up to you if you want to share them out
Have enough Nails? Feel free to trade the nails in for an equally priced item