Loyalty – System

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The loyalty system is especially for the players who have been a part of the ZomibeToast community for a long time.
It’s not about the overall playing hours on the server, more about playing regularly, being a part of the project and supporting it for a long time.

As a thank you from us for your loyalty!

To keep it fair though, there will be no in-game benefits with this system. They are only cosmetic things.


Level 14 Month

  • special loyality discord role
  • access to VIP chat

Level 28 Month

  • custom ingame group tag color
    • one-time-use for the whole group
  • custom discord group-tag role
    • for the whole group
    • changes about group members via ticket
  • access to loyality discord chat
    • for the whole group

Level 312 Month

  • custom ◽𝖲pawn-𝖫oadout
  • special weapon skin
    • enable/disable via settings
    • when pickup a weapon (only working with cleaned versions)
    • every month one new skin via voting
  • special perm-support-ticket
    • for the whole group



  • you dont need to play every day. But playing e.g. once every 3 months does not count as regular/loyal
  • to get the level/level ups, you are responsible to contact us via ticket
  • the requests will be reviewed and accepted/rejected by the team
  • it is not possible to change colors/names/spawnloadouts all the time. so choose carefuly
  • to add/remove group members you need to contact us via ticket
  • no ingame-benefits