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Our current server costs per month:

  • 110,00€ – Root Server
  • 10,00€ – CF Cloud
  • 20,00€ – DZSA Promotion & Discord Bots


We don’t force you to donate and the amount doesn’t matter. We are thankful for any kind of support for our project “ZombieToast”!

All donations will be used to pay and improve the server (such as mods, custom items, etc.) so you get the best experience possible!

There are four different ways to support us:

• a normal donation    will give you a special donator role & access to our VIP chat
• purchase of the ◽𝖯riority-𝖰ueue possibility to skip the queue
• purchase of ◽𝖲pawn-𝖫oadoutown skins made according to your wishes for e.g. weapons or clothes
• purchase of our ◽𝖢ustom-𝖲kins always spawn with the outfit of your choice
check the channels for more information


Donator Ranks:

The following ranks can be claimed when you reach a specific donation amount:
15€ - 🌳 Wood Toasti 🌳
30€ - 🥉 Bronze Toasti 🥉
50€ - 🥈 Silver Toasti 🥈
100€ - 🥇 Gold Toasti🥇
150€ - 💎Diamond Toasti💎
please open a ticket and attach the proof of the total amount of your donations.

You can donate via Patreon

Thank you! :heart: