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Offense1st consequence2nd consequence
Provocation, insult, racism, discrimination, etc.Chat ban, limited server ban up to permanent ban
Combat Log1 Day Ban3 Days Ban
SpawnSelect abuse1 Day Ban3 Days Ban
Stream sniping1 Day Ban3 Days Ban
Use of hacks or cheatsPermanent ban + base deletion
DupingPermanent ban + base deletion
MultiaccountPermanent ban + base deletion
Breaking a Staff RulePermanent ban + base deletion
into other bases (with relogging, with items)Depending on the case: 7 days – up to permanent ban
For vison advantage (through buildings or similar)1 Day Ban14 Days Ban
Bugusing to kill other players3 Days Ban14 Days Ban
Item Stacking7 Days Ban14 Days Ban
Placing items in the air/wall7 Days Ban14 Days Ban
Base Building & Base Raid
Watchtower dismantling from outside7 Days Ban14 Days Ban
Wall by wall dismantle7 Days Ban14 Days Ban
Rule violation in building methodDeletion of rule violating building3 Days Ban
Simple Roof/forbidden items/kits for Base Raiding7 Days Ban14 Days Ban
playing musicServerkick1 Day Ban
Camping / stalking7 Days Banpermanent Ban
Theft of a vehicle1 Day Ban7 days – up to permanent ban
Vehicles parked in safezoneDeletion of the vehicle
Group change
Changing the groupWarning (player + team if necessary) to 1 Day Ban7 days – up to permanent ban
Info: a change must be reported via ticket. You are not allowed to join the old group for 30 days.Without registration, the penalty will be higher and may also affect the entire team.

In case of multiple and/or massive offenses, the penalties may be higher!