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• Xairo ☣

(Ticket, Logs, Ingame)

• Mr.Monki
• Yuuki
• Mack
• Grubcio
• g0dzilla
• MOD (no Ingame Permissons)

(no Ticket, no Logs & no Ingame Permissions)
• Orbital
• Dean Corso (inactive)
• waterTim(eee) (inactive)

(no Ticket, no Logs & no Ingame Permissions)
• Cubipain (Event Helper)

We have a zero tolerance limit when it comes to using and abusing the rights/information. The admin server permissions, as well as the ticket and log accesses are only used in support cases. Every admin has a player account (without any ingame permissions) as well as an admin account (with ingame permissions). In addition, all admin actions are logged internally, which allows us to perform unannounced checks or investigate complaints.

• all informations will stay intern & may not be abused for personal gain
• be always friendly
• support fair and all equal – stick to the rules
• never support yourself or teammates
• always give clear and defined statements/answers
• support for users is only available through official channels (Teamspeak or ticket via Discord)

The ZombieToast-Team is always looking for new members

You are already a active part of our community and want to support the project in your spare time with more than just playing? Maybe also beeing more than just doing tickets and support?

Get in touch with us.. .. if you like to help people, if you have experience in DayZ, if you can handle Photoshop (or similar) or video programs, or if you have a creative mind, if you want to learn new things, or or or.