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1. Safezone camping is strictly forbidden.

  • – This includes waiting at the edge of the safe zone to kill players leaving the safe zone and following a player out of the safe zone to shoot him.
  • – It’s a PVP server, random meetings can happen – always run out/in with a weapon in your hand and a watchful eye.

2. Intentionally blocking traders is not allowed.

3. Playing music is not allowed.

4. Everyone is personally responsible for their own items. Everything on the ground is free for all (exeption: Vehicles/Helicopters)

5. Vehicles/Helicopters of other players may not be touched or stolen!

  • – keep a safe distance from foreign Vehicles/Helicopters
  • – players must be able to drive, get in/out, to load/unload, and to lock their car without hindrance
  • – always lock your vehicles with a key and do not park in the main area to prevent stress

6. Vehicles/Helicopters may only be parked in the Safezone for shopping.