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Our rules apply to all platforms provided by us (Gameserver, TS, Discord). In case of a violation, a temporary or even a permanent ban can be issued. It's on you to check for changes & updates.

Here you will find rules which have to be followed and observed everywhere.
In case of non-compliance with the rules a ban can be pronounced.
Depending on the offence and the difficult act, the ban can be extended or be up to a permanent ban.


  1. A friendly and polite tone is mandatory!
  2. Insults, disrespectful behaviour and discrimination of any kind are prohibited.
  3. Racist and pornographic contents are prohibited.
  4. Keep political stuff out of the szene.
  5. Discussions about hacks, cheats and glitches are forbidden.
  6. Any kind of advertising is prohibited.
  7. Instructions from admins must be followed.


1. A maximum of one account per player is allowed.

2. Global Chat language: English / German.

3. The use of hacks, cheats, glitches, bugs and dupes are forbidden.

  • – examples:
  • – – base glitching
  • – – visual advantage (e.g. looking through walls/roofs/objects)
  • – – bugging through walls/roofs (e.g. by relogging, using other items)
  • – – hitbox glitches (everything that affects the hitbox of a player character)
  • – – placing objects into a wall/air
  • – – render bug (e.g. shooting through non loaded objects/textures)

4. Selling any kind of ingame stuff for real money is forbidden!

5. Playing with cheaters/glitchers also leads to a ban.

6. Combat Logging (10min) is prohibited.

7. Logging out after robbing an ATM (10min) is prohibited.

8. Stream and TeamSpeak sniping is prohibited.

9. An arranged trade or agreement may not be used to trap or steal from another player.

10. Don’t permanently (several hours, several days) camp the base of another player.

11. Any type of group change or action to bypass the base/player restriction is forbidden.

  • This also includes, for example, owning/sharing bases/passwords, stashing/logging out in other people’s bases.
  • There is a 30 day cooldown after leaving the group.

12. Driving, flying or owning a vehicle is at your own risk.

  • – -The Support for vehicles, keys, players or items in it is highly restricted and always needs a full video proof.
  • – -no support for:
  • – – helicopters
  • – – own fault (wrong/risky driving, no water in radiator, …)
  • – – despawned vehicle due to improper parking/covering (24h lifetime, players can shoot the car, …)
  • – – loosing the key (copy your assigned key at the grinder next to the Car-Trader)

13. We always need a complete and uncutted video for a refund.

14. Provocative or toxic behavior towards staff or other players will void the support claim.