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• Raiding is allowed... but only possible at building mistakes. if you build safe, it is safe!
• There is no C4 or similar on the Server
• Be sure to build everything correctly, don't leave big gaps & close all windows/holes

The ❗◽𝖡uilding-𝖱ules also apply to raiding. The rules don’t override each other, they are additional.

1. Blocking the entrance of another base is not allowed.

2. Taking over a base is allowed when you have access to all rooms.

  • – When logged out for more than 14 days, you lose the right to raid/take over.
  • – The territory flag must be completely destroyed, you have to build your own.

3. If a base was built after you logged out on that position, you may raid it

  • – only if it was actually random.
  • – intentionally and purposefully logging out/in to willfully harm others is not allowed.
  • – when logged out for more than 14 days, you lose the right to raid/take over.

4. The following is PROHIBITED to get into a Base:

  • – use any kind of glitches
  • – dismantle through walls, roofs or other solid objects
  • – take down a wall from outside (exception: if it was build uncleanly/sticking out)
  • – stack items on top of each other
  • – use base-building foundations as a ramp
  • – use Storage/Base Items (e.g. tents, storage boxes, decoration, sleepingbags)
  • – place items in the air (note: physical logic)

In general: the dismantling and raiding must be realistic and comprehensible.

5. The following is ALLOWED to get into a Base:

  • – build a watchtower (foundation must completely touch the ground! no stacking! )
  • build stairs (must completely touch the ground! no stacking! )
  • – climb up fences, cars, item (max 1!) to jump over a wall/get inside
  • – remove walls/roofs from outside, if not built correctly
  • – crawl through windows/gaps/fence frames
  • – raid with helicopter

5. Always make screenshots and/or videos of the raid!
If we have questions about a raid, we will contact you and ask for proof. Ignoring these messages can lead to a ban.


can i stack stairs?

can i build stairs on a watchtower?

can i crawl thorugh glass windows?

can i press my fat char through small gaps?
no. char is not allowed to glitch through solid stone/wood walls or similar