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A base is a self-contained area, with at least one entrance, which is secured with a CodeLock. No matter if you build your own walls, barricade a barn or a house, as long as it does not violate the rules below.

  • You will need a Territory Flag to start building.
    • Several small bases can be built in the flag radius, they do not have to be connected to each other.
  • Everything that is not protected by a flag will removed by the daily cleaning script at 6:00 (german time)
  • • all other items got their own ❕𝖨tem-𝖯ersistence


1. Forbidden Zones: (radius)

  • – – spawn points (600-800m)
  • – – traders (700-900m)
  • – – castles (200m)
  • – – military areas (200m-800m)

2. Forbidden Buildings/Spots:

  • – – buildings with military loot
  • – – fire station, hospital, police, prison
  • – – important game related points (spawn points, plank spawns, wells, roads) A script prevents building in forbidden zones. Everywhere where it is possible to build, it is allowed.
    You can check the forbidden zone ingame on your map and turn it on/off via settings.

3. The total height of a base is 3 floors (1 floor = 1 vanilla fence).

4. Only 1 sub-level (inner floor) per Base is allowed.

5. On roofs and buildings, a wall may be only 1 row high.

6. Please make sure that the physical logic is adhered to when building:

  • – – Base building objects must touch the ground and may not be placed in the air
  • – – – Exception: Tents may reach up to 25% above the edge of the building.
  • – – The tents may stick out of the base/building by a maximum of 50%.
  • – – Tents may be placed one inside the other, but not one above the other.

7. Tents/storage items do not replace a wall/roof.

8. Roofs may only be used as a roof, not as a wall or similar.

9. Placing a gate directly in front of a tent to block it is not allowed.

10. Stacking Watchtowers is not allowed.

11. Bases may not be build to spot/shoot into military areas or the surrounding area, to ATM locations or to Carepackage locations.

12. Large bases (size/item amount) must be built far from hotspots/at the edge of the map where no other players will be affected.
We reserve the right to decide if a base needs to be rebuilt.

13. Always close up all gaps, doors, windows and holes.

14. Always record/screenshot your base – otherwise we cant provide support/give you a refund.

15. To claim compensation after a non-legal raid, we need screenshots of your base (the loot, as well as ALL access possibilities to the building/base).