The project is hobby based. Every server admin is doing this for free in his spare time.

At night, on weekends and holidays the processing may take a little longer.

Please be patient. As soon as someone has time, he will contact you in the ticket.

1. Server support is only provided officially via ticket.

2. Provocative, disrespectful or toxic behavior will result in closing the ticket and possibly getting a ban.

3. Discussions are to be avoided and the instructions from the admin are to be followed.

4. No support will be provided if the required information, images or videos are incomplete.

5. Please check if it is really a admin-support case before opening a ticket.

  • – – try relogging / restarting steam
  • – – check the discord channels
  • – – ask other users for help in discord
  • – – use google or similar
  • – – read the error messages carefully & act according to it